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CitizenCenter Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is leveraging state of art of technology online platform with physical point of presence WeConnect Janseva Kendras to tap the potential of assisted citizen services across pan India.   This is a unique model, which provides seamless integration of technology with brick and mortar structures to create a meaningful service experience for citizens of India.

A rapidly growing network of WeConnect Janseva Kendras under the Assisted Access Model to cater to the growing demand of Semi Urban/ Rural India and bridge the gap with the connected world. A well-trained and experienced operator supported by a Robust, Scalable Technology platform, manages each center. WeConnect Janseva Kendras are Knowledge Hubs that provide high quality, cost-effective video, voice, data and content in areas of Banking, Financial Services, Insurance Services, Education, Healthcare, Agriculture, Entertainment, Skilling, Utility Payments and many more.  WeConnect Janseva Kendras are also encouraged to offer Clean Drinking Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Solutions. 

We facilitate Enterprises, Government and Organisations in sales, marketing, logistics, after sales support and cash management. WeConnect Janseva Kendras provide unparalleled reach, scale, operations, communication medium and cost efficiency.

WeConnect Janseva Kendras are rapidly coming up in Maharashtra, UP, Bihar, Madhya Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh, Haryana and Assam with around 400+ operational and 500+ in the pipeline.  The WeConnect network is expected to cross 2000 nos. by March 2019.  

WeConnect Janseva Kendras will help every citizen achieve their full potential with the help of technology to become a global citizen. WeConnect Janseva Kendras support Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives and generate career opportunities at home. 

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